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Marriage is an important chapter of life, and an important aspect of getting married is finding the right ‘soul mate’. In this digital age, meeting people is relatively easy, but deciding to tie the knot with the right person, establishing a family relationship with the immediate family members is equally important for long lasting relationship and for the success of the bond itself.

For people who value culture and traditions, finding the right partner means getting the family, friends involved to ensure due diligence is performed before a decision is made. Key part of process is to look for partners who have the similar shared cultures and beliefs.

This site would provide you the platform and expertise needed to find the right person for you that you can settle down with.


Once you register here, your profile will be handled by our experienced ‘Liaison officer’ whose sole objective is to ensure your needs are understood, your expectations thoroughly identified and out they go on your behalf to find best matches out there for you.

We will put in all our resources to check on the bride or groom, and would keep in mind all aspects, just like your well-wishers would do to work on your behalf. We will also make sure that you are compatible with the man or woman we're suggesting, because we know compatibility is the most important factor when it comes to a successful married life.

After you register here, you can rest be assured, all your matrimonial needs will be taken care of by us. We will make it a point to fulfil your requirements. When suitable and potential matches are found, we would then provide you all the details needed to proceed to the next level of establishing contact.

The main advantage is we will be there to advise and guide you every step of the way. We will stand by you as you embark on this important journey of selecting a bride or groom for yourself or your kin, because we at nrialliances.com are aware that getting married is a life changing decision.

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Registration and sign-up

  • 1. I have registered and provided all the details, what is going to happen next.

    Our Liaison officer will be in touch with you to review the details you have provided; next steps will be discussed specifically addressing your needs and expectations.

  • 2. Will my profile be handled by dedicated Liaison?

    Our service model involves Liaison Officer’s addressing our member’s specific needs on an individual basis, this ensures member’s interests are protected and at the same time retaining the traditional match making methods.

  • 3. When can I expect to hear from you after I complete registration?

    We should respond to you within 2 business days when you register your profile, all other inquiries should be attended to in 2-3 business days.

  • 4. Can I register and request services from countries other than USA?

    Currently services are available in USA and Canada. In our next phase – services will be extended to UK, Australia-New Zealand and Middle-East.

  • 5. Why am I asked a referral/promotion code when I sign up?

    Referral code is needed to ensure security of membership registration process.

  • 6. Referral code that I have doesn’t work, how can I get a new one?

    Contact us for if you experience any issues during signup or registration process.

Pricing and Subscription

  • 1. Where do I find more information on service pricing?

    Service pricing is based on your specific needs and will be discussed with you by our Liaison Officer.

  • 2. Will I be charged for subscription every month?

    You will be charged a one-time signup fee during the registration, additional service fees will be discussed and you will be required to pay when potential matches are pursued.

  • 3. Can I sign-up for free?

    Occasionally, we do run promotions when first time registrations can register at no cost, however payment may be required for pursuing suitable leads.

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